In A Whole New Way

Ensnaring four million Americans, probation has evolved from a way to avoid prison to a sanction feeding mass incarceration. Supported by neighborhood allies, some people of color set out to change all this, equipped only with cameras.

Developing Lives

The “New York City Housing Authority‘s ‘Developing Lives’ program, part of an ambitious bid by the agency to change the image of people living in housing developments.” The New York Daily News.

50 Years on the Front Lines

Philip Jones Griffiths “photographic account of a lacerating war…amounts to one of the great tragic portraits of its time and is required viewing in ours.” The New York Times


Developing Lives

A participatory photography project where residents living in New York City housing developments are provided with cameras to document their day-to-day lives.


The biggest change in the history of New York City transit since Fiorello LaGuardia unified the three subway systems back in 1940.


Information system installed at 10,000 New York City bus stops that, at the time, The New York Times called “the one bright spot” in New York’s transit system.