In A Whole New Way

Ensnaring four million Americans, probation has evolved from a way to avoid prison to a sanction feeding mass incarceration. Supported by neighborhood allies, some people of color set out to change all this, equipped only with cameras.

Developing Lives

The “New York City Housing Authority‘s ‘Developing Lives’ program, part of an ambitious bid by the agency to change the image of people living in housing developments.” The New York Daily News.

50 Years on the Front Lines

Philip Jones Griffiths “photographic account of a lacerating war…amounts to one of the great tragic portraits of its time and is required viewing in ours.” The New York Times

Project Lives

For more on the book Project Lives, edited by George Carrano, Chelsea Davis and Jonathan Fisher, and published by powerHouse Books, click here.
Flemingsberg, a new town, one of the public housing settlements arising from the great human migrations of the second half of the 20th century just 30 minutes from Stockholm’s medieval Old Town with its narrow streets and 16th century church steeples.